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About Us/ Summary

Headquartered in Indianapolis, the BACKCHECK FOUNDATION is a non-profit organization that offers support and services to the hockey community within the state of Indiana. Providing assistance to individuals and organizations as a means to promote community and opportunity for those who love the game of hockey.


“Hockey has no greater test of heart …”

Mission Statement:

Our mission is simple: To grow and promote the game of hockey in Indiana, and to offer support to those who love the game as we do.

Vision: was created to promote and grow what we believe is the greatest of games within the state we call home. The BACKCHECK FOUNDATION is an extension of that objective, providing support and opportunity directly to individuals and organizations in the hockey community.

  • Support growth initiatives such as Try Hockey Free events, the Floorball For Schools program, equipment drives, etc.
  • Support participation initiatives through individual and organizational scholarship and sponsorship programs
  • Support marketing initiatives through workshops, tournaments, and recognition programs.
  • Support hockey players and families in times of need.

Along with our Community Partners, the BACKCHECK FOUNDATION is committed to sustainable growth of hockey in Indiana and support of those involved in the game.


Backchecking is as important to a team’s success on the ice as scoring. Some would say more important. Making a commitment to backchecking is making a commitment to the team, to work together, to intensely support one another, to sacrifice - sometimes at great cost - for the greater good. The BACKCHECK FOUNDATION was founded on this notion of commitment.

"Hockey has no greater test of your heart and intensity than your willingness to backcheck, particularly at the end of a sustained attack when the other team suddenly has the puck and you are exhausted.”   

-Bruce Driver; The Baffled Parent’s Guide to Coaching Youth Hockey 

Those who are part of the game understand what is meant by the phrase “Hockey Family IS Family.” These aren’t just idle words. They are demonstrated day in and day out at rinks and in communities all over the world. Being a hockey parent means that you now have 18 new children, and that you look out for them and care for them as if they were your own. It means embracing 5:30am practices, hours-long drives even for home games, and 11:30pm weeknight adult league games. It means keeping score, tying countless skates, working the penalty box or the concession stand or the registration table. It’s packing the stands at 6am in an unheated ice rink… and occasionally packing the ER waiting room when one of your own is down.

It means we support the game, the team, and each other.

Proposed Initiatives:

Try Hockey Free

  • Objective: to provide a no-cost introduction to ice skating & hockey
  •  Qualifications: host program must be a registered 501c3 organization; event must be open to the public; loaner gear must be provided; duration of event must equal or exceed two consecutive hours.
  • Contribution: equivalent to cost of one (1) hour of ice time. Must provide documentation from event facility. Funds may still be awarded even in cases where ice time is provided by the event facility at no cost.

Floorball For Schools

  • Objective: to provide low- to no- cost introduction to Floorball to schools.
  • Qualifications: participating schools must be a registered public or private school in Indiana; Students must be enrolled in grades K-12; Schools must commit to running the two-week program in its entirety; Schools must be willing to provide promotion of program to parents through commonly used communication channels; Schools must be willing to provide feedback and testimonials at the conclusion of the program for use by and the Backcheck Foundation.
  • Contribution: schools receive at least one (1) day of instruction from staff or affiliate, free use of one (1) Generation Floorball full kit for duration of program, free non-reproducible curriculum guide, promotion and feedback templates (electronic form).

Equipment Drives

  • Objective: to provide access to safe, reliable equipment to youth hockey associations for Try Hockey Free events or equipment lending programs.
  • Qualifications: donated equipment remains the property of the collecting youth hockey program until such time as it is no longer safe to use; donated equipment must not be re-sold; unwanted equipment that is still safe for use must be donated to another association or to Backcheck Foundation; monetary donations made to individual youth hockey programs must be used to purchase additional equipment for use in Try Hockey Free events or Equipment Lending programs; organizations must commit to providing a minimum number of volunteers to staff the event.
  • Contribution: youth hockey organizations will be provided electronic and printed promotional materials; assistance in removing unwanted equipment that is still safe for use; incentives (TBD) for donations.

Organizational Scholarship

  • Objective: to assist local youth hockey programs in keeping participation costs affordable for individuals and families.
  • Qualifications: program must be a registered 501c3 organization (youth hockey association, public high school hockey program); funds must be used to provide partial scholarships to families who meet organizational criteria for financial assistance; organization must have or commit to raising additional funds for scholarships.
  • Contribution: financial donation to receiving organization to be determined by level of available funding.

Individual Scholarship

  • Objective: to assist qualifying individuals and families in meeting participation costs at organizations which do not offer scholarship programs.
  • Qualifications: must be a registered participant in an Indiana youth hockey program or public high school hockey program; organization must not offer scholarships or other forms of financial assistance on its own behalf; families must meet established criteria for financial assistance; families must agree to pay a portion of the participation costs.
  • Contribution: financial donation made payable to organization on behalf of qualifying participant to be determined by level of available funding.

Coach/Parent Education Scholarship:

  • Objective: to assist local youth hockey programs in providing coaching & parent education programs for participating individuals and families.
  • Qualifications: program must be a registered 501c3 organization (youth hockey association, public high school hockey program); funds must be used to provide leadership &/or sportsmanship education to coaches and families; organization must commit to making participation in adopted program mandatory for all registered coaches and parents.
  • Contribution: financial donation payable to either educational provider or reimbursement to receiving organization with supporting documentation to be determined by level of available funding.

The “Rink Rat” Fund

  • Objective: provide opportunities to hockey players and families in times of need.
  • Qualifications: must be affiliated with the game of hockey in some way (player, coach, family, volunteer, etc.); must have a demonstrable need; can apply for funds directly or through nomination.
  • Contribution: support will be determined on a case by case basis.